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For a long time we’ve offered our design service through dealers and installers within the industry, but we’ve realised that getting lost in translation really is a thing, and that there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. Continuing with the cooking theme – in our industry we’re seeing less and less focus on

Periculisque versantur socialis instrumentis

Let us be honest, Facebook has never been your friend. Neither has Instagram. Nor Twitter, nor any of the countless other social media sites. They’re advertising agencies. Pure and simple. They make their money from you, from your information, from every little move you make. Sure they’re fun and fractious, witty and weird, but those

The Future Is Analogue

I’m not a regular wordsmith. I’m a slow junkie, espresso-loving amateur photographer who for 90 percent of the week has a business habit of designing, distributing and installing really cool tech gadgets into people’s lives. For this article I thought the whole ‘King is dead, long live the King’ saying, pinched and converted for use

2017 Technology Predictions

South African integrator and CEDIA instructor Christiaan Beukes offers some reflections and musings on where his company stands, and the technologies he will be looking at adopting, and trying, over the next 12 months. Disconnecting to connect We live in a society that is manically dependant on internet connectivity. It’s now part of Maslow’s revised