Periculisque versantur socialis instrumentis

Let us be honest, Facebook has never been your friend. Neither has Instagram. Nor Twitter, nor any of the countless other social media sites. They’re advertising agencies. Pure and simple. They make their money from you, from your information, from every little move you make. Sure they’re fun and fractious, witty and weird, but those algorithms don’t have your best interest at heart.

You’ve heard all this before though. You’ve been there, done that. Until recently, we were also part of that group. It’ll never happen to us, but it did. Facebook, for all, excuse the pun, face value, is about as faceless an organisation you can find. Not only faceless, but useless. if it doesn’t serve them directly, with their best interests in mind then they literally don’t care, and you literally do not exist.

We’ve had a business Facebook page for close on the entire time Facebook have offered it, going back what, 10 years? Through it we’ve posted, cross posted, linked and showcased countless products, events, updates and news.

A few weeks back we had some issues with access, nothing untoward, just Facebook having changed their UI and multiple varying business page setups for the howmanieth time, leading to some confusion, a duplicated business profile, a subsequent deletion of the wrong one, which ends in being kicked off as administrators of our own page, which has now subsequently disappeared.

Trying to get hold of a faceless, nameless organisation is about as pointless, and successful as trying to collect unicorn farts in a windstorm.

So, in a nutshell, TLRD, don’t trust social media sites with anything of value – and make sure you host a copy of it on a website, blog or page you actually own.

C’est La Vie?

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